Oh Holy Sire, Prince of Power, Wondrous Counselor, and King of Kings.

All of these He has been called, For He has many different titles here too.

But He is still One Amazing Savior, and God, He Paid the Price to Save You.

Don’t You think that since the Gift of Salvation is out there for You to get.

Don’t You think it is Worth investigating , then You can Decide what to do.

But First ask Him to Open Your Heart to the Christ Lord King and God.

Trust Him, and Allow Him to Mold You into a Perfect Child of His too.

For He Wants for You Only the very Best in this here Life and into the Next.

Elijah Is Here

Elijah the Prophet is here, Repent and Follow Him.

Jesus is coming Real soon, Elijah is one of the Two.

Men that shall be in Israel , during the end-time period.

He shall be here rebuking the people that Hate Jesus.

For He was Sent to Prepare the Way for Christ 2nd Coming.

So Bless His Obedient Heart, and Bless Our Lord too.

For God is Amazing Savior , whom Loves Us all too.

Thank You Jesus, for everything that You have done.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord, and His People too.

For Elijah is the Prophet Dr David Owuor, Amen.

Missing My Dad

I am Missing My Dad yesterday was His birthday.

He was always there for Me while He was alive.

I never got to tell Him that I Loved Him never.

Now My heart is torn by the Loss of My Dad.

He was a Great Father, whom went without.

So that He could give His children things.

Oh Lord, how Deeply I truly Miss Him now.

He always showed unconditional Love toward Me.

I never Got to Let Him know that I Loved Him My Dad.

Looking Toward The Light

When the Darkness over take Me here, I Look Toward the Light.

Thus even while struggling I Crawl Toward the Light Desperately.

Cause here the darkness is starting to overwhelm His People.

So all that any of Us, His People can do is get to the Light Now.

Which is Knowing that He shall soon Call Us Home to Heaven.

But as of Now all that We can do is Crawl to the Light to be Rescue.

Times here are getting darker, the Closer to the Light’s Return.

But all that We can do is to Keep Trusting Him to bring Us Home.

For He is the only True Hope that any of Us Truly have here.

Holy Savior

Oh Holy Savior, Lord of Creation, Merciful Glorious God.

Not One of Us , Deserves Your Love, None Deserves Your Blessings.

But You are an Gracious Amazing God whom are Wonderful .

Your Perfect Peace, Calms even the Most Disturbing Heart here.

Oh Perfect King, We Bowed to You and Praise Your Perfect Name.

Only with Your Permission, does the evil ones get to attack Us.

For You are Your People Strong-Tower , Our comfort as well.

Our Hearts Sing of Your Miracles, Your Works, and of Your Glory.

For You have Spoken in the Beginning Everything into Existence.

Perfect Love

There is only kind of Perfect Love in the world.

The Selfless Love that is from a Loving Savior.

There is only One Savior that can give this Love.

The Living Savior, that is also the Son of God.

For He came down here to Live a Sinless Life.

Then going to the Cross to die and then Rise back up.

Thus Giving Everyone an second chance at Life.

Saving All whom are not Blind from the second death.

The Living , Suffering death that is soon to come.

You’re My World

I might have My Struggles, I also Feel Overwhelm at Times.

But Wow , what a difference that You have made in My Life.

Your Love for Me, has really healed Me in different Ways.

I also at Times, feel Your Peace, Your Grace is all that I need.

No Matter how Hurt, I might get or even how angry I get.

You never run out on Me but put Your Arms around Me.

To calm Me , or sometimes to Hold Me when I am Sad.

You Never ever Take advantage of Me nor Try to use Me.

For Your Love is Pure, and Your Love is Unconditional.